I lost a love but found a life that I absolutely love.

Have you called off a wedding? Are you going through a divorce? Are you on the other side of a really bad breakup? Are you feeling empty, lost, embarrassed, full of grief, anxiety or pure sadness? Through strength of character, personal choice, a whole lot of self-love and awareness you can rebuild your life, process the grief and find a life that you love.

Robyn Baldwin, a self-branded Alpha Female appeared to have everything going for her. A great job, a fiancé, a wedding on the horizon until it all came crashing down. In 2012, Robyn found herself in an incredibly toxic relationship. She called off her wedding one month before the big date and saw her world tumbling around her. In months & years to come she’s learned practical steps to heal a broken heart, discover self-love and find a life she absolutely loves.

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In This Book...

You’ll discover how to start your happiness journey and take it one day at a time.

You’ll explore why therapy can be a great healing tool.

You’ll start thinking about how quotes can create aha moments in your life.

You’ll see how self-help and self-development books can guide you.

You’ll learn how to create seasonal bucket lists to help you live your life.

You’ll learn how to truly trust your gut.

You’ll explore what are your truths and how to speak them as you start dating again.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Book

It's nice to know that everyone in all walks of life goes through this in some way. I felt like you were telling my story. I kept thinking as I was reading. I wish this book was around when I was going through my storm. Yesterday I was struggling with my own demons. I didn't want to get out of bed. I can tell you that your book and the great ideas of bucket lists got me out of bed. I feel empowered and ready to see the world with new eyes.

Jessica Thompson

Robyn hooks you into her world right away with her story. She provides an honest perspective on her experience rather than a fancy tagline to remind you that you are not alone with what you’ve dealt with. As women we have to remember to be there for each other and empower each other. Remind each other that we are strong, positive and fulfilled in everything we have, inside and outside. That’s exactly what comes out of this book. Written with passion and honesty, I recommend this book to all women.

Ayeesha Kanji

My heart feels refilled in what my personal past left empty & my lone cry for help has been given the biggest hug in the world after reading Love Lost, Life Found. The rawness of Robyn’s story brings a voice to the scars that addiction leaves on its victims, but also of the witnesses that are closest to an addict, even ones that are in love with them. She is transparent with exactly how a typical day was being in a co-dependent relationship, where even her “work/life harmony” (which she is mastering now), revolved around her fiancé’s level of depression. Robyn wills herself to even recall the difficult parts of the relationship in order to create the exact image of how she kept herself prisoner in an unhealthy relationship. How she constantly numbed herself with the engraved image of her future wedding, only subscribing to societal beliefs she had known for being the order of life. She held onto this as a solution for their hardships & also her last hope that their love could heal his sick mind. In the midst of trying to love someone else to convince them to love themselves, her identity, schedule, & self care began to wither away, along with the relationship. But what happens when the happily ever after ends up being the rebuilding of her relationship with herself? She reacquaints herself with the girl that was forgotten, while also realizing that what may appear like a tragic time in her life, is actually a time where she discovered the true “Alpha Female” that she never knew was inside the whole time. Her journey through self-love reveals how painful it is to mourn the loss of a life envisioned. Robyn promotes self-love by literally giving the reader the own conversations & questions that were the most helpful to her in her process. She gave me the same opportunity to feel the waves of gratitude & peace that started to crash over her self-doubt. Her story inspires me to choose love, over fear.

Em Haas

This totally could have been my story. Unlike Robyn, I actually went through with my marriage instead of listening to my gut early enough to walk away before. But I was too hung up on what everyone else would think of me cancelling my wedding and too hung up on my perfect timeline, even if it was the wrong guy. Just like Robyn, I had planned my life to involve being married by 23 and having kids by 25, which is why the line in Love Lost, Life Found that really resonated with me was " I was on a shortened timeline of trying to make marriage and motherhood happen. I would blindly ignore all the red flags in hopes that I could problem-solve around them and get what I thought on paper was the perfect life with this man." Every relationship I had been in from 16-25 was with the wrong type of men. I was cheated on, I was physically abused, mentally abused and emotionally abused. Even with friends and family I allowed myself to be mistreated. It took leaving my husband and having a solid year of growth after that to realize who I am, how my past and upbringing have played a role in my previous choices in different relationships and what I actually want in a relationship. I found it right away when I took down my walls and let the real me shine.

Melissa Boufounos

As a young woman who has also called off her engagement, I was excited to read Robyn’s journey of losing love and finding life. As I made my way through the pages that painted a picture of the emotional journey she went through over the course of many years, I couldn’t help but be blown away. This book totally surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it to all of the females in my life. Whether you’ve experienced a life-changing break up or not, this book is a must read for all women as Robyn’s knowledge is powerful, inspiring, and truly provides women with the nudge we need to treat ourselves with compassion, love, and respect before anything else.

Meg Doll

While reading this book, I had an inexorable urge to reach out and give the author, Robyn Baldwin, a virtual hug. Having myself gone through the painstaking process of reinventing who I believed I was versus who I felt society wanted me to be, I can relate to so many of the circumstances that Robyn outlines in her book. Love Lost, Life Found is the unique and open perspective of a woman who was brave enough to share her very real, raw, no-holds-barred experience of ending a toxic relationship and the process by which she learned to persevere in a world that changed drastically from when her relationship began to when it ended. This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever had to go through the tumultuous experience of a break-up. Not just any kind of break-up, but the kind of culmination that completely transforms everything that once defined the individual; even if that definition was flawed. Although my personal journey of finding a new life after losing love differed from the author’s, I felt immense gratitude and validation for being able to find common ground for my experiences. The similarities of the path to self-discovery were heartwarming and invoked both smiles and tears. At the very root of it all, we both had to take a step back in order to move forward with finding out who we were, learning to put ourselves first and knowing how to recognize the signs of a downward spiral when it exists. For any person, man or woman, when you lose sight of who you are in the confines of a relationship, you are not only hurting yourself, but all of those who want to support you during times of unrest. Love Lost, Life Found is a step in the right direction to uncovering your happiness and fulfillment potential. Don’t be afraid to put pen to paper and follow the path that Robyn outlines. Your path may not be perfect, but it will be yours to call your own, and you can find peace in knowing that there is no right or wrong way to heal a broken heart or find a lost soul.

Amber Dunford
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When you order the book you'll receive...

  1. A Bucket List Thought Starter to help you bring adventure back into your life. It's one of the 8 practical steps I'll share with readers.
  2. The Love Lost, Life Found Journal workbook that you can print off to work through the journal prompts found in the Life Found portion of the book.
  3. An Anxiety Mediation for a Broken Heart by my friend Heather Waxman that you can listen to when your anxiety is high.
  4. Broken Heart Mantras by my friend Rebekah Borucki (BexLife) that you can save to your phone to look at as reminders of how beautiful and amazing you are. Watch the video below on how she created them!

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